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Inmotion Launch Business Plan

The Launch Business Plan by is one package addressed to those who are just starting out their online business and need a complete, basic plan to help them with web hosting. Since affordability is an important factor when it comes to web hosting, it has small prices for high quality services.


Choosing the Launch Business Plan by is a great idea for those just starting out in the online industry. This package is designed to contain the best features that make web site building and its development easy and fun. offers simple-to-use tools that will make any website user-friendly and accessible. Plus, another great thing you get when purchasing this package is the speed of services, because the company knows that this is very important for an online business. The web hosting services the provides are reliable, and the customer service is always very responsive.

The Launch Business Plan is one of the three business plans provided by The basic package comes at a price of $5.95 monthly; it is the most basic and cheapest plan there is on this website. The package is intended to be used by starters or small business owners who are just starting out online. In this package there are included 2 websites, 6 domains and 25 sub domains. Unlimited space is also on the list, as well as monthly transfer.

There are several great features included in the Launch Business Plan by, such as email features or general features. You will also be able to use programming languages, such as PHP, MySQL, Perl 5 or Python. Also, blogging is easy, as great software, such as WordPress or Geeklog are included into the Launch Business Plan.


The Launch Business Plan by is the basic business plan, designed for starters and small business owners who are just discovering the World Wide Web for their firms.


The package offers great solutions for business web hosting, and high-quality features for users. It truly makes web hosting easy and friendly, helping small businesses grow and know success.


Among the negative traits of this package, there is the pricing, which could be lower, as other business packages over the Internet are somewhat cheaper.


The Launch Business Plan by is truly one desirable start-up package for business users. It includes the best features there are for small businesses and starters, and also great support and helpful information. This is a plan you would desire if you have a small business you want to launch online, as it is somewhat affordable and easy to use, and it will help you make your website user-friendly and professional at the same time.

About Inmotion

The Inmotion Company is a web hosting firm that has been operating with these services since 2001, when it was started. They have grown since then into one of the best Business We Hosting companies on the market. They offer Business plans exquisitely, perfect for smaller or bigger businesses. Their pricing is quite affordable and the package includes all the basic features one needs for a website, plus special, great features.