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iPage Essential Web Hosting

IPage Essential Web Hosting Plan gives ample solutions to create feature-rich, user-friendly web spaces. Customers get to design websites that represent their brand and character. This plan features everything, including shared server space, beginner-ready tools, e-store tools, 24/7 customer support.


The Essential Web Hosting Plan is complete with all the basic website building products. It offers unlimited data transfer, domain hosting and server space. Some other features to enjoy include; free domain registration, online store setup, script library, blog templates, SiteLock Security Suite and one-click website builder software. The web host offers 24/7 customer support services. The server is reliable, and the users can access various marketing tools to improve the website creation experience.

This plan uses a reliable server that has cutting-edge software. It is secure and the uptime rate is appreciable. For whatever reason a customer decides to build a website, be it for personal use or business, this package has the fundamental features to get the job done. They’ve added JustCloud to enhance the user experience. It gives them creative control with its 1GB storage to store photos, videos, music, documents, etc. The e-marketing experience is exclusive when web promoters use this plan. It features a dynamic set of tools, including PayPal integration, a coupons catalog, virtual shopping carts and other extras.

Customers can reach the technical support team at any time, even when they want to ask questions. Develop a reputable email marketing campaign to keep the brand relevant in cyberspace. There’s no limitation on email hosting. The integrated photo galleries and one-click blog installation feature are favorable additions to the package. It automates the blogging experience. Receive $175 marketing/advertising credit to promote the website(s).

A favorable aspect of using this plan has to do with the easy-to-use, beginner-ready tools it offers. Customers do not need previous HTML coding experience or other complex webmaster skills to create professional-looking web pages. The software offers a range of dynamic templates and themes that users will love.


Subscribers will receive all the above-mentioned features and tools for a low monthly rate. HTML coding experience is not a requirement. There’s no limitation on domain and email hosting privileges. The server is secure and reliable.


The package rate is reasonable. Subscribers get to create and launch their websites easily. It does not include HTML coding, which is sometimes demanding. Multiple customer support options are available; phone, email or chat.


Promotional price is for a limited time.


Overall, this plan is feature-efficient. It is an affordable solution for those who want to build a startup website and pursue future expansion. Customers will enjoy the options it gives, especially the credits, advertising/marketing benefits and extras.

About iPage

IPage has a decade-long history hosting websites for social, non-profit, business and personal uses. The web host and customer support team are knowledgeable, experienced web hosting experts. The plans offer flexible solutions, tailor-made to meet customer needs. Subscribers can go to sleep at night knowing that their web spaces are safe, well-managed and functional. IPage web hosting plans offer maximum security, unlimited email hosting and 24/7 technical support for an unbeatable price.