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Webhostingpad Power Plan

The Power Plan by is a basic web hosting package, designed for all users on the Internet. Being affordable and reliable, the plan has known great success and popularity, being now one of the best web hosting packages on the World Wide Web.


Power Plan is one of the two main plans at which offers great services, such as unlimited hosting space, email account access, unlimited bandwidth, free domain names, unlimited hosting of domains and many others. The package is one of the most affordable ones on the market, at only $3.99 with no additional fees.

While the Power Plan is not the most powerful one online, it is still pretty good, with decent technical features, a helpful customer support and great value for the overall cost. Plus, the 30 days money back guarantee attracts more customers, willing to try this plan.

When you sign up for the Power Plan by you get great features, such as unlimited disk space, email accounts, mailing list, number of sub domains, parked domains, add-on domains, number of domains, and also unmetered transfer per month.

The Power Plan is a shared one, with 1 IP address, designed for basic needs, especially for people who are just starting out their website or for those who need help creating one.

Within the Power Plan there are also great features for server, email, development or pre-installed software. With this basic package, a user will get antivirus for email and other features, spam protection, access to logs, weekly backup, etc. The pre-installed software includes WordPress, Joomla, GuestBooks, Mambo and many others.




Power Plan by is designed for basic use, being mostly addressed to people who are just starting out using web hosting, who need help creating a website or hosting one.


The package is affordable and reliable, and it offers good-quality services for its price. It can be described as a decent start-up in the web hosting world.


There can be found more complex packages than this one, but none at this price. The company is not yet the best on the market, but it hands-out good services for beginners.


The Power Plan by is a decent, basic web hosting package, truly affordable for beginners. The greatest thing about this plan is that it offers all the features it can for a very small price, compared with other web hosting companies. In conclusion, it may not be the best plan of all, but it still represents a great choice for new users. Plus, the company continues to improve their services, making them better and more attractive for web hosting users all around.

About WebHostingPad is a company started in 2005 and it has known success through their great services. The firm’s intention was to deliver the best web hosting services on the market. They always practiced affordable packages for everyone on the Internet, and they also provided safe, efficient and reliable plans since the company was founded. Among the features offered by the company, there are the great backup solutions for websites, no hidden extra-fees, quality packages, etc.